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Yes! The Beautie Junkies hair blends will multiple nationalities of hair. It is very versatile and easy to manage!
For Beautie Beach, Sleek & Russian Collections 12 inches: 2 or more bundles required 14 inches: 2 or more bundles required 18-22 inches: 3 or more bundles required 24-28 inches: 4 bundles of more bundles required Maui Collection 12-14 inches: 2 or more bundles required 16-18 inches: 3 or more bundles required 20-24 inches: 4 or more bundles required 26 inches and longer: 5-6 bundles or more required
We're glad you asked! The Beautie Junkies offers 8 different curl patterns, each with its own fabulous look!

Exotic Wavy: similar to a wet-n-wavy. Beach style waves.

Ocean Wavy: similar to a deep wave.

Body Wavy: S-shaped texture pattern. Very slight wave with body. TOP SELLER!!

Japanese Straight: just like it sounds, silky and bone straight. TOP SELLER!!

Russian Blonde Straight : silky and bone straight dyed to perfection.

Russian Blonde Wavy: S-shaped texture pattern dyed to perfection.

Deep Curly: tight, kinky spiral-style curls. To prevent frizziness, Tight Curl should not be combed or brushed out. Finger styling allows you to maintain your beautiful curls! These curls will required daily moisturizing and use of a de-tangler.

Natural Wavy: loose wavy curls. More loose than the Tight Curl. These curls will do best with finger styling and use of a moisturizing de-tangler every other day.

LACE Closures are thin and allow your natural hair to breathe. They're more flexible than silk and with proper installation, will lay flat on your head. This reduces the appearance of "raising" or demarcation at your hairline. Lace closure knots are easy to bleach or dye and are usually easy for stylists to work with.

SILK Closures have a built in, medium-brown scalp base that completely covers your natural hair. They are thicker than lace closures, yet offer you a very natural looking crown/scalp appearance. The silk base does not typically require dye to match your hairline. Prior to purchase, we suggest discussing with your stylist which one is most suitable to the hairstyle you will have.
This is 100% virgin human hair that has not been processed is not processed in anyway. You can color the hair, however once Virgin Remy hair is treated in any way, it is no longer virgin. Be sure to keep color treated hair conditioned and moisturized.
For curly textures, we recommend a conditioner at least 3 times a week. For Wavy and Straight textures, we suggest a conditioner wash once a week or as needed.
A closure covers the top front part of your head. It is designed to cover the section of your head where your part will be. The bigger the closure, the more part coverage you have. We carry 4 “by 4” and 5” by 5” Closures. All of our lace products are made with luxury Swiss lace.

A lace frontal covers the entire front perimeter of your head from ear to ear. Frontals have a dimension of 13 inches to 4 inches. The versatility of frontals are endless because you are able to part it in any direction. All of our lace products are made with luxury Swiss lace.
Yes, we have a setting for you to switch between these two options: Display on Hover and Display on Click.
Full Lace Unit is a glueless wig that allows for endless parting, styling and unimaginable versatility. The hair on the wig is hand ventilated to the holes in the luxury Swiss lace. Our full lace wigs come in 3 sizes- Small (21.5” head circumference). Medium (22.5 head circumference) and Large ( 23” head circumference). They also come with combs and and an adjustable strap in the back. You may also order two lace colors-transparent (for fairer skin tones) and Medium brown ( for medium to dark brown skin tones) Each wig is custom made so you can request to have the combs unattached. SHOP OUR LACE WIGS.
Absolutely, The Beautie Junkies Hair can be used by all races. If you have fine hair, we suggest the NATURAL WAVY HAIR If you seek a curly texture, we suggest the BEAUTIE EXOTIC WAVY.
No we do not sell or offer samples of the hair textures. We encourage our Beautie Babes to purchase a bundle from out website to fully experience our luxury hair!
Yes, you can. Just simply follow the instructions in our Manual Guide, you will be able to easily create a multi-level menu.
Absolutely, every bundle we carry is authentic natural hair that will react just like your natural growing hair. Yes, all of our wavy and curly textures will always revert back to its natural state when washed. Your Beautie Hair can also be colored.
Our hair is guaranteed to last many years with proper care.
Yes, you can swim in salt or chlorine water. We ask that you wash and detangle your hair immediately after your swim. Refer to hair care tips.
Absolutely, every bundle we carry is authentic natural hair that will react just like your natural growing hair. Yes, all of our wavy and curly textures will always revert back to its natural state when washed. Your Beautie Junkies Hair can also be colored. We do recommend the assistance of a professional colorist when coloring raw hair.
We strongly recommend that you seal your wefts only when they are cut to ensure that they don't unravel.

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